Actual Tasks on Multidisciplinary Sciences (atms)

The e-Journal (atms) publishes original articles, review articles, rapid communications and proceedings of scientific meetings. The multidisciplinary strategy of the journal accepts the world intention for globalization of knowledge and technologies, united by the idea of Multidisciplinary Sciences. We have tried to combine such contradictory problems in one unifying electronic multidisciplinary journal. Not less important intention is to ease the demand on the present another multidisciplinary European journals, and to give opportunity and encouragement researchers with different professional knowledge and skills to publish faster.

The main topics covered by Journal are:

*Technical sciences
*Computer Systems and Technologies
*Information Systems and Precision Farming
* Numerical Analysis and Applications
*Agriculture and Veterinary medicine
*Organic Agriculture
*Processing & Post Harvest Technology and Logistics
*Livestock Technology
*Land & Water Use and Environment
*Power and machinery
*Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
*Ecology and Environment protection
*Social and human sciences. Economic sciences